Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introduction, and What This is About

Dalliance of Vivace is a joint project of myself - Kynzee - and my good friend Sarah. We're both long time lovers of music of all kinds, and between the two of us we have tastes that covers an incredibly broad spectrum. On this blog we intend on providing and reviewing all we can. We will try to keep up with new releases, both mainstream and obscure or independent, both bad and good. We'll also talk about non-recent things, basically anything that catches our ears, we will let you know what it is we think. Weekly we'll tell you what specific tracks we're loving recently and give you an update on what's to come in the music industry. Keep in mind that everything we say is simply our opinion. We're not trying to tell you what to think. We just love sharing and discussing music. If your opinion differs from ours, we'd love to hear what it is! If you want us to talk about something, feel free to shoot one of us an email and ask us.
The music world is constantly evolving and changing, and we're here along for the ride. Come along with us.


I'll be checking back here often, so you two need to keep this shit rolling along! I LOVE discovering new music to listen to, so I hope that this blog helps me achieve that. Two of my recent album discoveries are: Shake The Sheets by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, and Who Killed The Zutons by The Zutons. I've been playing the hell out of these two everyday, and still can't get enough.

I'd like to add one minor piece of criticism about your blog, if I may. The light blue lettering is hard to read on this particular color background. Granted, it might just be hard on my eyes only, but I find myself squinting as I read along and by the end my brain feels strained a little bit. It's a small gripe, no worries, this blog is pretty awesome and I look forward to more entries.

Regarding the template, yeah, I'm not that big of a fan of it myself. We'll be working on it over the next few days, so any feedback you have to improve the blog is much appreciated. :)

Thanks man :D we'll try to update as often as possible between the two of us.

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