Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24th: weekly round up

Hey everyone, my apologies that until earlier today there hasn't been anything new up. I won't bother making any excuses. However there are a lot of reviews I plan on getting done over the next week or so, quite a few of which will be a bit late on the bandwagon, but are things that I feel should be given light for those that may not have caught them when they came around. I know I have trouble keeping up when so many albums come out in a single week. Since this blog is still just getting off the ground any and all input is appreciated, and if there's an album that you think should be touched upon (recent, preferably released in the last 3 months or so) then go ahead and mention it and I will check it out.
Now, with that out of the way: I'm hoping this will be the first of a weekly post with updates on this blog, what I've been listening to lately, and most importantly, general news in the music industry.

Recent album releases have consisted of a new Al Yankovic album, doing his Al Yankovic thing. Two (yes, two) new releases from Devin Towsend, the last two albums of the Devin Townsend Project (keep your eyes open for a review). A highly anticipated and highly hyped Bon Iver sophomore effort, which I doubt I will try to talk about to any extent on this blog since I never hopped on the Bon Iver bandwagon and I would likely just sound ignorant if unbiased. There's also been a new album by Jill Scott, a famous soul and R&B singer that most of you probably know as the guest vocalist on Lupe Fiasco's single "Daydreaming". And album releases you'll probably care far less about, there's new Crossfade, Simple Plan, and Pitbull album. Yes, I forgot they all existed too. Pitbull in particular. Cynics rev your engines! They're all just appetizers for Limp Bizkit's new album set to come out on the 28th. But a cousin of mine says the new Crossfade is actually very good, but nostalgia is likely a large factor in that. Check those out if you're curious enough though. Oh, an Beyoncé is having an album out in just a few days, which I'm actually kind of looking forward to since she actually has a damn good voice (at least compared to those she's up against in the female pop singer arena). So if you're not too cynical on mainstream stuff and like female vocals, keep your eyes open for that.
As far as July is going there's quite a few things I'm personally excited for. Apparently Yes is releasing their first studio album since 2001, holy shit. As a big prog rock fan this gets me excited. It's already been released in Japan and is set for a US release date on the 12th. A newer electronic artist who was tagged in the huge wave of "chillwave" a year or so ago, Washed Out, has his first full length LP coming out in July as well. Now I absolutely hate music genre trends, and I can't stand being that picky over genre quarrels, but after hearing one song off of the album and this guy's previous EPs, I'm looking forward to some good summery electronic music. Screw trends. What I'm most excited for though is the new Fair to Midland album. I'm a big fan of them and this is their first release since 2007. New album and more matured sound is what I'm expecting. I can't stop listening to the single (I almost always avoid singles before the full album is available) and I have my fingers crossed that the rest of the album is just as good.
Obviously this isn't everything that's new, but it's all I cared to touch on. I hope to use this week to catch up on stuff I've missed and get back on track. So what have you been listening to? What releases are you looking forward to?

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